Borna Tarah Electric Research and Engineering Company was informally established in 2003 with a team including a number of smart and knowledgeable youth of the country, and since 2008, it has officially started its activities in the electrical fields, electronics, electrotechnics, heating and cooling installations. Over the years, Borna Tarah Electric has tried to take a step in the development and progress of our beloved country by acquiring modern knowledge and using it in various industries. In this regard, on 2017/07/22, we were able to make three company products knowledge-based and get approved by The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. In order to increase the quality of sales and commercial services of its products, this company has registered the Farasam brand. All the products of this company are sold under the brand name Farasam.

Borna Tarah Electric Background

Company goals

The main goal of Borna Tarah Electric Research and Engineering Company is to use the latest technologies available in the world to provide high-quality and responsible services, in line with its specialized capabilities, to our valued customers. One of the distinctive features of the company, considering its fields of activity, is gathering an experienced staff of specialists. The company has tried to design and implement optimal, up-to-date, and efficient systems in the industry by using several industrial trends.

The policy of the company is to carry out interdisciplinary projects, which, with an experienced staff, has been engaged in the following activities:

  • Industrial Control and Monitoring 
  • Production, supply, and sales cycle management 
  • Maintenance of facilities 
  • Energy control and management 
  • Machine operation control 
  • Hardware and software production in the field of Internet of Things 

In 2017, this company received a knowledge-based certificate with four of its products and is ready to cooperate with various companies and organizations to work on diverse research, design, and implementation projects in the mentioned fields.


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