A solution for monitoring and controlling all types of electronic security systems

- Bank PSIM Solution
- Data Center PSIM Solution
- Pharmaceutical Organization PSIM Solution
- Security Organization PSIM Solution
- Insurance organization PSIM solution

The intelligent and integrated PSIM system (Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)) is a software and hardware system for monitoring, controlling, collecting, and categorizing all items in the field of security. The task of this system is to collect all security information, including the lighting system, the theft notification system, the CCTV system, the traffic control system, etc. in an integrated manner under a central system. Using this software and hardware system, the user can see all the necessary information instantly and control them if necessary. Also, one of the other features of this system is the possibility of creating a variety of control scenarios to be more productive than the existing ones in the organization. By establishing logical conditions between inputs and outputs, these scenarios minimize human intervention and provide maximum efficiency in the organization. For this purpose, Borna Tarah Electric Group offers a variety of solutions as follows.