- Rack Mounted Modules:
  • BTE-6I12O2TH
  • BTE-RM12I6O8TH
  • BTE-Rack mount Smart PDU
- Wall Mounted Modules:
  • BTE-4I4O2TH2Sim
  • BTE-4I3O1TH
- Rail Mounted Modules:
  • BTE-44Output
  • BTE-SmartLan
  • BTE-PM2100&1200

The types of systems available in the field of intelligentization are generally divided into two parts, software and hardware, each of these two parts performs various tasks in the system. For example, in the hardware section, regardless of the brand, technology, and communication protocol of the sensors, the information is transferred to the central device and sent to the software by a single standard protocol, and on the other hand, the commands sent from the software are also sent to the central device and the existing hardware sends the command to the destination module under a specific protocol. So, it can be said that the types of systems available in the field of intelligentization consist of two layers of software and hardware, which we will continue to explain the hardware layer. In recent years, Borna Tarah Electric, relying on the capabilities of its R&D group and knowledge-based sciences, has produced modules on this topic. These devices have different features for different users; Also, to fully meet the needs of organizations, Borna Tarah Electric Group has produced its products in three categories: wall mount, rack mount, and rail mount. All these modules have a built-in bilingual web server so that the user can communicate directly and apply desired settings. In the following, we will introduce some of this hardware.


Designing according to your needs in dimensions and sizes used in the project
The possibility of reverse engineering from all modern devices in the world
Multi-layer board design